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Hello! You found your way to DayZ's first private hive community! *

We would like to thank you very much for applying! Being accepted through this application will make you a proper community member and let you access our private forum and grant you automatic US & EU server whitelist access.
During this simple process we will give you information about the community and more importantly get to know you a little bit more.
First things first, how do you like to be called?
Okay, let's get started {{answer_11278021}}! Though before we get to know each other better, let's get the formalities out of the way real quick.

What do we expect out of your application?
Apart from collecting necessary data, there are three application questions.
Be honest, genuine, specific and show effort in your application to join our community of likeminded but diverse storytellers. Your dedication and enthousiasm should simply be reflected in what you give us here to review.

How do you know if you're accepted or not?
We review applications daily and all applications are reviewed within one week. If your application is accepted, you will receive a message sent to your Reddit forum user account you will use to apply. If you do not receive a message after longer than 1-2 weeks, your application was unfortunately not accepted. We review all applications and aren't ignoring any, you will not have to wait any longer.
If anything is unclear, please take a look at our short Application and Whitelist FAQ: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/dayzunderground/discussions/0/405691491108856162/

Now, let me guide you through your application and wish you good luck!
Your Reddit username *

Our beating heart and our private community forum is the www.reddit.com/r/dayzunderground subreddit. All the exciting stories, encounters and media from our server's universe are shared through our forum. If you don't have a Reddit account already, please create one. It is free, easy and only takes a few seconds: www.reddit.com/login
(Please link us your profile page URL. Links will open in a new tab)
Your SteamID64 *

In order to add you to our community and server whitelist, we need your SteamID64. Your SteamID64 is a publicly available number that identifies your account.
Please read these steps carefully.

1. Copy your own Steam account profile URL by going to your Steam profile
2. Paste your own Steam account profile URL into https://steamid.io/

3. Validate that you are looking at your own profile
4. Copy the value you're shown as your SteamID64
5. Double check that you are only pasting your SteamID64 and NOT any of the other ID's into your application here.

If the ID you enter is wrong, your application will automatically be rejected.
A correct SteamID64 has 17 digits and consists only of numbers.
A correct SteamID64 looks like a variation of: 76561198062580510
A correct SteamID64 does  NOT start with STEAM_0:1:...

Validate your SteamID64

This is a very important step.
Read every word carefully and take a look at the value you entered as your SteamID64:

Now check for errors:
The above SteamID64 can NOT be exactly 76561197960287930 (If this is the number you entered, you did not input your correct Steam Account URL or username. Go back one step now.)
1. Does the value you entered only consist of numbers and nothing else?
2. Does the value you entered have exactly 17 digits?

3. Open this profile. Is this your own Steam profile?


ONLY IF ALL of the above is correct, you entered your valid SteamID64 and can continue. If even one check is wrong, you did not input your correct SteamID64. Please correct it or your application will automatically be rejected.
Where are you from and what is your timezone? *

DayzUnderground is an international community. When we plan and schedule events or other activities, we want as many of our members as possible to be able to participate!
If you don't know your timezone by heart, don't worry we only need the country you're in.
Do you broadcast your DayZ Gameplay?

Written stories in our forum, videos on Youtube or Twitch or simply telling your friends about it: sharing our stories and experiences is a central element of DUG. Regardless if you have an established channel or are just looking into producing content, we will do our best to support you and your DUG content through e.g. our strong social media presence. Members can also receive custom intro and outro animations and other high quality art assets.
However, we don't require our members to be active on Youtube or Twitch and if you're not a content creator you won't be at any disadvantage with your application!
Please link us your Youtube profile

Even if you don't record DayZ, we would love to be able to take a look!
If you do not have an account, you can simply skip the question without entering something.
Please link us your Twitch Profile

Follow our @DayzUnderground Twitter Account

Stories, videos, giveaways, server updates and important announcements- Our official Twitter account is filled with content that interests you as a future DUG community member.

Want to make your application more likely to succeed? Please follow it through www.twitter.com/dayzunderground
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Enjoy a hand-picked selection of awesome content our community produces and shares through our forum, in the convenience of your Twitter feed.
Okay, that's done, thank you very much! Now let's talk a bit about yourself

How old are you {{answer_11278021}}? *

While our average member is an adult we understand that maturity is not strictly bound to age.
For how many hours have you played DayZ already? *

Why do you enjoy playing DayZ and what motivates you to come back, {{answer_11278021}}? *

DayZ is a game that doesn't tell you what to do. We, the players, define our experience. What is it that fascinates you about DayZ?
Do you already have RolePlay experience? *

OrganicRP: DayzUnderground's unique and fundamentally different approach to roleplay:
There are no rules restricting your in-game freedom of choice. Every contact with other characters will be genuine. Instead of forcing interactions and making them feel meaningless, you are given the ability to create your stories with DayZ’s most fundamental aspect in mind: Unpredictability. No encounter is guaranteed to go any specific way and that uncertainty creates an unmatched rush of raw emotions. When interactions aren’t forced, fear or trust are real. Death and loss are a looming presence. Morality has an actual impact.

There are NO rules against KOS, there is NEVER any guaranteed safety in the Underground and your story is always unpredictable.

When interactions are not forced, they become genuine, organic and meaningful.

We cultivate organicRP among our community and approach you with faith and confidence that you can create engaging stories in a truly unforgiving environment. DUG has the reputation of being a very mature community and thus we hold our members to a high standard of respect in and out of the game.
Our community

DayzUnderground is an organic roleplay community and home to mature and diverse storytellers. Built by moderators and DayZ closed pre-alpha testers, DUG was chosen by the DayZ developers as a secret testbed for DayZ private hive technology. With our dedication to first-person only survival and storytelling through organic Roleplay, we let you explore a unique depth of DayZ. Find your place within the Underground and enjoy your time with like minded members. In our lively, persistent universe of characters, groups and active factions you can have a lasting impact.
Centered around our private forum at www.reddit.com/r/dayzunderground,
DayzUnderground unites mature, enthusiastic and creative DayZ players.

How does your idea of the perfect DayZ server community look like? *

What are you looking for in a community that would make you feel welcomed, supported and worth actively contributing to?
Where did you hear about us? *

Why did you apply to DayZ Underground specifically, {{answer_11278021}} and how do you see yourself contributing to our community? *

Feel free to take a moment to answer this question as we think it's one of the most important ones.
Congratulations, that's it! Well, almost!

Now we want to give you the opportunity to just tell us anything you want to talk about! How was your day? Is there something we have to know about you but we just forgot to ask?
Did you enjoy this application process? *

Note that 4 would be the best score.

To actually submit your application, continue until you see the "Submit" button at the very bottom. Clicking that will submit your application.
You can find out more about what our community is up to and more importantly connect with members through our following channels:

Join the Steam group with over 9K fellow members:

Talk and play with the community on our Teamspeak 3 Server:
IP: ts3.dayzunderground.com:11617

Follow and interact with us on Twitter:

Subscribe to the DUG Youtube channel:

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Thank you for your answers {{answer_11278021}}!


That's easy!
Log into your Reddit account you used to apply and see if you can access our forum at www.reddit.com/r/dayzunderground. Processing your application may take anywhere between a couple of days to a week but you are already able to play on our US and EU server when they are open to the public
and get the non-whitelist password through www.pw.dayzunderground.com

Only if you are accepted, you will receive a message through Reddit. With that you can access and read our private forum, are a full-fledged member of the community and you will automatically be put on our server's whitelist.

Please take a look at our short Application and Whitelist FAQ: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/dayzunderground/discussions/0/405691491108856162/

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